The American Business Lunch, an enjoyable social networking event, was initiated 50 years ago for the American business men living in Milan. Today the event is more international in scope; English speaking business men and women from all countries are welcomed at our monthly networking luncheon.

Each month features a notable expert who gives a 10 minute talk on a  topic of current interest to the business community, ranging from economics, culture, business trends, venture capital, leadership, charity, Milan EXPO and more, followed by Q&A and a lively discussion among the attendees. We are happy to announce that several people have secured new business through our luncheons! Come to our new networking during the aperitif time to interact with new people.


If you are new to our lunches, please let us know and we will introduce you to people the day of the lunch!

The American Business Lunch


is pleased to invite you:

Wednesday, 17th May 2017  


Hotel De La Ville, Via Ulrico Hoepli, 6

Price: €30 (paid to the hotel reception)


Special Guest Speaker:

Carlo Maria Pinardi

Professor of International Corporate Finance

at Bocconi University in Milan


The topic of his speech will be:

“Art against corruption?”

Contemporary Artists feel they can contribute to making Italy more efficient and transparent.

Casa Testori, a renown contemporary artists hub, is presenting its current exhibition “Art against corruption”. The exhibit showcases 29 Italian and international artists all attempting to find new ways to interpret and fight the phenomenon of corruption.

The President of Casa Terori, Professor Carlo Maria Pinardi, will talk about the many improvements that have occurred in Italy, especially in Milano, within the past few years. He will discuss how many outstanding artists are interpreting this phenomenon in original and uniquely artistic ways, often achieving remarkable results.


Professor of International Corporate Finance at Bocconi University in Milan (since 1991)

Founder and Chairman of Analysis SpA, (since September 1986), a company whose main business is providing proprietary financial software and services to more than 200 clients (leading banks, corporations and institutional investors in Italy

Columnist on “Economia” of the Corriere della Sera

President of “Casa Testori”, (since 2016), an important non profit hub of contemporary art based in Milan

Chartered Accountant in Italy

Indipendent Director of Banque ENI, Brussels

Indipendent Director of Pelagus Capital Fund Inc.

He was Founder and Chairman of Online Sim (the first broker online of mutual funds in Italy) and an Independent member of the board of AbnAmroAntonveneta Sgr. He was appointed member of the Committee for the Italian Financial Marketplace by Ministry of the Treasury on March 2007

He has been consultant in corporate finance, valuation of firms and intangibles, cooperating with leading consulting firms in Italy, France and US

Author of books (Default e piazza finanziaria 2005, Il mercato dei corporate bond in Italia 2003, Formazione delle aspettative e mercati azionari 1996) and several academic articles

Degree cum laude in Management and Corporate Finance at Bocconi University, Courses in renown universities in US and UK

Fluent in English and French

Born in Milan on December 11, 1957. Married, with a daughter and a son

To reserve your place, please respond directly to: . If you wish to bring any guests,  please list their name(s) and emails at the end of this email and we will send them an invitation.



Barbara Cocchini – Owner Cocchini Relocation S.r.L.
Marina Fabozzi – Administrator Cocchini Relocation S.r.L.  

Agatha Pinto
Alberta Dufour
Annalisa Banzi
Marti Biles

Annette Arcucci

Lucio Pinto – President CIFE
Ruggero Rubino – Partner LawFed Studio Legale e Tributario BRSA
Paolo Angelo Galbiati – Partner INTERNAZIONALIZZA SRL Milano-Bologna


Charles Zaiontz, IT consultant, author and teacher
David Wayne Callahan - Actor and Life Coach
Jim Faraci - DP Business Consulting S.r.L.
Vickie Sims – Chaplain, All Saints’ Milan


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