The American Business Lunch, an enjoyable social networking event, was initiated 50 years ago for the American business men living in Milan. Today the event is more international in scope; English speaking business men and women from all countries are welcomed at our monthly networking luncheon. Each month features a notable expert who gives a 10 minute talk on a  topic of current interest to the business community, ranging from economics, culture, business trends, venture capital, leadership, charity, Milan EXPO and more, followed by Q&A and a lively discussion among the attendees. We are happy to announce that several people have secured new business through our luncheons! Come to our new networking during the aperitif time to interact with new people.

The name of the lunch has been changed in Barbara’s honour as the leader of the American Business Lunch

Barbara Cocchini’s American Business Lunch

is pleased to invite you to lunch:

THURSDAY, 22nd February 2018  


Hotel De La Ville, Via Ulrico Hoepli, 6

Price: €30 (paid to the hotel reception)


Special Guest Speaker:
Massimo Sideri
Manager Corriere della Sera Innovazione

The topic of his speech will be:
” Italian History of Forgotten Discoveries”


Massimo Sideri is the Chief Editor of Italy’s Corriere della Sera on the topic of Innovation and is Director of the monthly column on the Culture of Innovation section of the Corriere della Sera, Corriere Innovazione.

Located at the Corriere della Sera headquarters on Via Solerino since 2000, he has followed for the newspaper the major financial crashes and has published investigations into the world of football rights that ultimately led to investigations of the judiciary. He also successfully reported on the pollution of the Auditel panels which led to the change in the detection methodology after 32 years.

In recent years, as a columnist, he has focused on the great debates concerning the man-machine relationship with an increasingly more informative cut.
He has published several essays including Banda Stretta (BUR), written with Francesco Caio, The Syndrome of Eustachio (Bompiani) and Diritto all’Oblio, Duty of Memory (Bompiani) written with Umberto Ambrosoli.

He also has published the yellow Free Press (Baldini & Castoldi).
Since 2015 he has been the Director of the Galileo Innovation Festival in Padua. In addition, he is part of the Scientific Committee of the Advisory Board of Ambrosetti-SAP on Artificial Intelligence together with the former Minister Maria Chiara Carrozza and Giorgio Metta dell’Iit.

To reserve your place, please respond directly to: . If you wish to bring any guests,  please list their name(s) and emails at the end of this email and we will send them an invitation.


CO-CHAIRMEN: Barbara Cocchini – Owner Cocchini Relocation S.r.L. Marina Fabozzi – Administrator Cocchini Relocation S.r.L.  

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Agatha Pinto Alberta Dufour Annalisa Banzi Marti Biles


ADVISORY BOARD: Lucio Pinto – President CIFE Ruggero Rubino – Partner LawFed Studio Legale e Tributario BRSA Paolo Angelo Galbiati – Partner INTERNAZIONALIZZA SRL Milano-Bologna


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